natural wedding photographyAnytime you hear the word “wedding”, what comes to mind? For us, it signifies memories, precious moments, love, celebrations and a gathering of friends, family and most importantly loved ones. The wedding day for any couple is one that is often looked forward to with a degree of expectation. After all, it is a day where you decide to start life with someone you identify as your significant other.

Weddings are often a celebration. They signify something special for the couple and that is a wish that the rest of their days together can be one filled with laughter and joy like the day of the wedding itself. This is why a lot of importance is attributed to the planning of the event. Everything needs to go according to the plan of the couple all without a hitch.

In the process of planning a wedding, one thing the couple endeavors to do is ensure that the party responsible for capturing the wedding images will be on ground. However, in terms of style of photography they want for their wedding, they might be at a loss. Not every couple is aware that different styles of wedding photography exist until the wedding photographer brings it to their notice.

If you are unaware of the different styles, then you are in the right place. We will be covering natural wedding photography and all you need to know about it. Read below:

What is natural wedding photography?

Natural photography consists of two major elements:

  • the use of natural lighting to capture images
  • the uninterference of the photographer in the moments of the wedding to capture shots.

Looking at the elements, it is quite clear to see that natural photography has two different forms which it takes. The first one which involves the use of natural lighting clearly indicates that the photographer will not be turning to the avenue of flash lights or other artificial light sources to improve the visibility of an image during capture. However, if a couple wants this form of photography, then it is pertinent that the location of the wedding be held outdoors.

The reason why it needs to be held outdoors is because then, the natural light of the sun can be utilized to ensure the best results are gotten. However, if you want natural pictures with natural light in an indoor location, this will be really tricky. The results might not be something you end up being overly fond of.

The second element of natural wedding photography requires the photographer to take the approach of an observer with a camera during the event of the wedding. Here, the photographer does not need to be involved or direct the actions of the guests and couple to gain images. The photographer allows things to progress and he or she goes about taking pictures as the moments unfold.

The good thing about this approach is that you get candid moments which result in more natural looking pictures. Also, the subjects are able to relax as they are not being placed on the spotlight.

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