wedding photographyLinkedIn is an amazing place to share your content and is an ever-growing social media platform. There are now over 250 million active users and a total of 500 million users there. It’s full of potential for anyone to build their wedding photography business.

LinkedIn is not just a social media platform – it’s a professional social media platform where you can create a resume and CV on it. It doesn’t just contain wise words and link to your website but gives you a more professional look for your clients.

How do you find clients and increase your exposure through this platform? Here are 4 working methods to utilize LinkedIn to build your business.

  1. Endorse your service

Aside from Instagram, LinkedIn is another great place to endorse your photographs. It’s very important to find the right people to endorse your service, such as a former client who finds your services to be exceptional. Through endorsing, you won’t just be seen by your own connections, but also by the ones your endorser has.

By getting the right people to endorse, you don’t just promote without being reliable. Those ex-customers will be able to give truthful, a positive review that will certainly work much more effective than putting on ads.

  1. Join photography groups

The next step is to find relevant groups in LinkedIn to join. There many kinds of photography groups and if you want to grow your business, there are groups that specifically let photographers meet their clients. For example, the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Forum, Business of Brides, etc.

You can also look for LinkedIn groups that talk about how to manage your business, how to deal with clients and the best places to promote your business. It’s ultimately vital for a wedding photography business to be commonly exposed to groups like this. This allows you to find connections from fellow photographers who can share insights on how you can improve your business.

  1. Work samples

Another important thing that photographers must do on any social media account is to showcase their works. Potential clients need to be able to see some of your best works to decide if it’s worth it to consult with you. And it’s important to keep your profile and timeline updated with your newest works. This lets clients know that you are still working as one and your career is going strong.

Remember to watermark your work and upload them at a reasonable size people can enjoy looking at from their phone. Most people do their search on their smartphones because it’s easier to check while on-the-go and share it with their partner.

  1. Pulse

Last, but not the least important part of LinkedIn is the availability of their mobile app, Pulse. Pulse is a mobile app that is also part of LinkedIn and pushes in the newest updates on topics that you are interested in. So, for example, you are interested in photography and business, you can follow these two topics and occasionally, you will be shown the newest content uploaded by the 1% reliable content generator from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great place to start promoting your wedding photography business aside from Instagram and Facebook. Mark Quinn Photography is an example of a wedding photography business who will definitely benefit so much more by following our LinkedIn suggestions.


Quirky wedding photographyIf there is one thing that brides tend to consult almost immediately when it comes to the aspect of prepping something up for a wedding, it would have to be the aspect of consulting wedding magazines. But the truth of the matter is the fact that there is so much more to organizing a wedding than meets the eye while you are at it. There is so much more to the picture that you are missing though and if you want your wedding to pan out without so much as a hitch or at least in the smoothest way possible, then you better take note of a few things listed in this article.

The focus you have on hiring out top experts in Quirky wedding photography should be based on the services and not based on the products. Wedding photography products can cost you an arm and a leg. If you would like to get printouts, you don’t have to get it from the wedding photographer you hired. You can always go the offbeat way by just getting your hands on the digital copy and going with a discount merchant for all of your printing needs. If you have a top quality printer, you can even go ahead and print your own photos out yourself. Commercial grade printers with great resolution aren’t as expensive as they used to be and you can take that to the bank any time of the day so maximize whatever you have in front of you and make the most out of it at the end of the day.

Crowdsourcing will turn out to be a pretty interesting source of photos that you can get during the wedding.

Although make no mistake, at no point in time should you even contemplate the aspect of not getting a top expert in Quirky wedding photography like because you still need a professional wedding photographer to work out the aspect of capturing your wedding photos for you. However, crowdsourcing is something that is fairly fun to go through with. Create a special hashtag for your wedding day. Make it fun and spunky, something that you and your guests will love and have fun using because it will turn out to be a pretty great source for photos.

Give yourself some time to relax and to really go ahead and bask in the fact that this is your day.

Make it a point to go for relaxation and happiness during the day of your wedding. If you are uncomfortable or nervous or awkward, it is the type of thing that tends to show up a lot in the wedding photos, no matter how great or how talented your wedding photographer might turn out to be so make sure that you get this taken into account. Have a long night’s sleep and make sure that you are able to hydrate enough before the day of the wedding. Avoid alcohol of any form as much as possible so that you don’t wake up all hungover and puffy from the night before.

Destination weddings are dreamy.

destination wedding photographyThey are quite awesome to have and if this is the type of thing that you have technically envisioned for yourself and for your partner at any point in time, then what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that there are a lot of things that you will have to go through with one way or the other before you will get to the point wherein you can already relax and sit back and think that you have done well with your wedding prep work process. Destination weddings are complicated to prepare and make plans for and they are almost always at least twice as expensive but then again, for as long as you have all of the right elements working out for you the right way, there really isn’t anything that you could not do and this is the type of thing that you ought to remind yourself of time and time again when it all comes down to it. there are obviously a lot of things that you need to make arrangements for and pay attention to when you have destination wedding plans in your hands but all that you need to know would have to be the fact that anything is workable and it is all a matter of knowing what to prioritize and knowing what you ought to be paying attention to at the end of the day.

Get the licenses and permits for the wedding worked out well ahead of time.

You don’t want to end up spending all that money on wedding preparations and all that jazz and eventually come up with a wedding that is null and void. It is very important that you make sure that this is actually the type of thing that you are able to make all of the right arrangements for in the first place. If you are from a totally different country, you should probably start researching and asking around as much as possible so that you already know what the timeframes are and so that everything can be managed accordingly in terms of timing, when the documents will be processed, when will be the perfect time and date to set the wedding day in, and so on and so forth. Get in touch with a lawyer or with someone who is well versed with the legalities of the destination or area so that you don’t have to come up from scratch every single time.

Make sure as well that you have a wedding venue that is worth booking.

The wedding venue will turn out to be your most expensive cost so you might as well make sure that this is the type of thing that you are really able to focus on and book the right way when it all comes down to it. And while you are at it, make sure that you have a great official wedding photographer for the destination wedding that you are planning out for you and for your partner.

wedding photographyTo keep improving as a Cambridge wedding photographer, constantly aim to get feedback for what you do. Gaining feedback for what you do might initially seem like a really daunting and scary aspect in your career but what you need to understand is the fact that this is one of the best and easiest ways for you to get better as a professional wedding photographer and that’s a fact. Although it may be true that you will not end up liking pretty much anything that you hear about, it does not mean that you need to take things personally. Instead, what you should be doing is that you should go ahead and try to see if this is something that you can use to improve yourself and to improve your techniques as a professional wedding photographer and sort of take things from there as you go along.

The most important feedback to get your hands on as a wedding photographer is by asking it from your clients.

This is something that directly impacts your revenue earning capacity as a professional wedding photographer. This basically refers to the satisfaction rating that you get from how the clients gauge the outcome of the wedding photo shoots that you were tasked to cover at some point or so. Although it might initially sound like a bit of a stretch to have to look out for and although there is a risk that you might not hear exactly what you might what to hear, the fact remains that you will get valuable feedback somewhere along the way. This is something that you can use to improve yourself as well as your techniques in wedding photography.

You should also gain feedback from random unbiased followers.

The best forum for something like this would be for you to pist stuff up on social media. If you want to be a Cambridge wedding photographer, brace yourself for negative comments though and try not to take things personally as you go along. What you need to understand is that when you get various opinions about the kind of work that you do, you get to more or less identify some kind of middle ground to appease most, if not all parties involved. That’s crucial info for you to get your hands on and you will only get it if you open yourself up to possible criticism somewhere along the way. Always look out for ways to gain feedback for what you do and use it to bring your skills to a whole new level while you are at it.

Try to get a mentor to gauge the quality of your work as a wedding photographer as well.

It doesn’t matter if it is an actual third party mentor or someone who might be close with and know on a personal basis. Getting a mentor will give you access to a specialized eye in wedding photography and that is something that can always put you at a certain advantage. Mentorship has worked for so many other wedding photographers in the past and it will surely turn out to work for you as well in the long run.

An efficient Surrey wedding photographer will always go out of his way to get a shot list created.

wedding photographyA shot list is something that will cover your back in the event that the clients have a sudden change of heart or in the event that they decide they needed a particular moment covered without notifying you about it. They will not be able to take anything against you or blame you for anything if you work on creating a shot list with them before the day of the wedding. The shot list should include the moments that the couple feel would turn out to be absolute requirements that need coverage every step of the way. There have been a lot of nasty stories about wedding photographers and their clients getting into bitter fights and unresolved misunderstandings and altogether soured relationships because of the issue of missed shots during the wedding photo shoot. This is not the kind of thing that you can afford getting yourself into one way or the other, especially if you are someone who is fairly new to the craft when it all comes down to it. Having a shot list for you to follow through on will put your mind at ease.

Learn how to keep your distance every once in a while.

People will at times get tired of the fact that the Surrey wedding photographer taking care of the wedding coverage is all up in their faces all the time. You should be putting out temperature checks about how people are responding to you through the photos that you are taking. More often than not, the expressions on their faces should be telling signs about how you should proceed with the shoot at the end of the day. Whenever you start to see people getting disinterested or bored in the photos that you manage to take, make sure that you get to switch up your strategies right away. Being right next to them and getting up close and personal may not be the best way to go and this is something that you should be well aware of, at least for now. Try to stay out of sight for a little bit. Switch to a longer lens if you have to. Things are always different if people feel a little more free and a little more unguarded and this is something that you can take advantage of as a wedding photographer. Take photos of them while they are distracted and you will capture the most authentic looking photos out there.

Get chummy with the inner wedding circle.

The job of a Surrey wedding photographer is not all that easy to go through with. You are going to need all the help you can get. Get to know the entourage as well as the friends and other family members who are helping out with the wedding prep work. You might need tap them on the shoulders to ask for help in communicating with the clients once the wedding is in full swing.

Take the time to check out the landscape of the wedding venue before the wedding day.

wedding photographyThis will make you more acquainted with what you will be working with as a photographer in Berkshire. The wedding venue and how it is laid out can highly affect the kind of wedding shoot you will be having. This is why you need to go out of your way to really figure out what kind of environment you will be dealing with at the end of the day. Visit the wedding venue a few days before the wedding, roughly around the same time of the day that the wedding will be held, so that you can know ahead of time what kind of lighting situation you will be dealing with.

Know equipment needed.

You will know or figure out what kind of equipment you might be needing to optimize your images during the actual day of the wedding. You should then come in early, roughly around 2-3 hours before the wedding starts, so that you can check how the place has been prepped up and laid out. This is also the perfect time for you to bring in some detailed shots because you will most likely be left alone with little to no people there and you will be able to take your pictures in peace.

Include the possibility of delay into the equation.

This way, you won’t get overly frustrated if things don’t exactly go your way as a wedding photographer. Scheduling has always been a tricky issue for a professional wedding photographer because it literally takes a village to bring a wedding to life. This means that there are so many other wedding vendors other than yourself working things out during the wedding day. If some of them delay or get a few hiccups somewhere along the way, there will be a domino effect and you will most likely end up getting affected by it as well. It can be very frustrating if you don’t anticipate it.

Whenever you are allotting time to certain parts of your itinerary, make sure that you cut the time period in half so that you get to anticipate the possibility of delay. For example, if you are allotting an hour for the couple shoot right after the wedding ceremony, you might not have that kind of time. Aim for half an hour instead because that will turn out to be far more feasible and attainable, even with the aspect of delays.

Get the bride to assign a coordinator for you.

This is a struggle that every wedding photographer faces and you will be saving a lot of time if you just get someone to organize group shots for you. Group shots are messy. The wedding photographer usually ends up shouting at the top of his lungs so he can be heard, especially if it turns out to be a particularly rowdy crowd. Get a bride to appoint someone to coordinate those group shots for you so that you can work without hassles from behind the camera.

Prioritize kind of framing

wedding photographyA wedding photographer in Newcastle should always prioritize the kind of framing he has when he is shooting pictures of the wedding. Framing is one of the most basic and fundamental principles in photography and it is something that you need to have down pat as a professional wedding photographer. Although framing and the advanced approach to it might seem to initially come off as a technical thing (and it actually is), the revolving principle around how it is executed is actually pretty simple and this is what you need to understand and remind yourself of time and time again.

Framing is actually just all about finding all of the usable “lines” in the scene in order for you to be able to frame your subject or the subject of the photo the right way. Those “lines” can turn out to be anything from architectural structures to a bank of clouds to a pillar or a column and so on and so forth. You can even use other elements that are not all that obvious to the average human eye. A wedding photographer is usually far more sensitive and far more keen to details and this is what your main advantage is for as far as finding all the right elements to frame your photos with is concerned.

Get closeups

Get your closeups in place as a wedding photographer in Newcastle because these are the shots that will end up bringing the most out of the photos that you take. Weddings are highly emotional events. It is a coming together of two people in love, after all. And then of course, you have all of these close family members and friends who are joining in to show their love and support for the couple. Closeups are an absolute must-have when you are shooting weddings because this is the only way for you to be able to capture the authentic emotions going around all throughout the wedding. Although this might turn out to mean that you will need to work a little harder, crouch down a little lower, walk a little faster or even run at times, at the end of the day, it will all be worth it. You will be judged based off of how your photos turn out, after all. As for how you look like by the time that you go ahead and execute the shots is of no consequence to the clients at all. Bring a long lens such as a telephoto lens along with you so that you don’t have to worry too much about not being right next to people when you are taking your closeup shots.

Do not be overly touchy about religion.

A wedding photographer in Newcastle should have a little more open mindedness than that. The nature of your job exposes you to various religions other than what you might have grown up being familiar with and you need to make sure that you set any personal preferences or religious beliefs aside so that you are impartial to what your clients believe in. Mutual respect is the key to success here.

Embrace failure in the beginning.

wedding photographerYou do not become a successful wedding photographer overnight. Here’s the thing, you will most likely fail during your first few tries or even lose money during your first few wedding bookings and that’s alright. You need a few grazed knees somewhere along the way before you can figure out how to run. Failure is not a destination and there is no so-called tone of finality to it when you are a struggling and aspiring wedding photographer. Failure is just a phase that you will have to go through with before you actually head on to the throes of success in your career. People will not be to enthralled when it comes to hiring you as their main wedding photographer especially when the entries on your portfolio are few or sparse in between. This is something that you will need to suffer through. Be patient with the process. Be patient with the fact that not everything that you are going to put your hands on will turn to gold, at least not right away. You will need to learn to wait it out until it really is your time to shine and finally get to the point wherein you will be able to enjoy commercial success in what you are doing for a living.

Don’t be tunnel focused on being just like everyone else.

Bring your own brand up. Be unique and try to be your own original self as a wedding photographer. The reason why so many new startups fail is because of the fact that they are so adamant on copying the next big thing and the thing is, that really should not be the case. You will never be a trailblazer and you will never be able to go ahead and make your mark in the industry if you do not carve out a path of your own. Things will be rough and there is bound to be a lot of tough times up ahead but for as long as you keep doing your own thing and for as long as you keep on focusing on your own brand, things should look up somewhere along the way. Your own unique style and technique will be just the thing that will pull you through. You will be able to develop your own brand and people will get to know you for it. Standing out from the rest of the herd is not such a bad thing at the end of the day.

Get a job on the side.

Although the wedding photographer bookings may not start coming yet, the bills will always come in on time and that is something that you need to take care of as a fully functioning adult. You need to establish your own income source. You will not start earning a decent income out of being a professional wedding photographer during your first few years in the industry and you need something else to keep you afloat until such time comes wherein you will be able to start earning decently off of it.

Have at least two cameras

wedding photographyWhen you are shooting a wedding as a wedding photographer, it already goes without saying that you need to have at least two cameras in tow and nothing less. This is because of the possibility of equipment failure somewhere along the way. The second camera will serve as your insurance in case something happens to your first one. You can’t afford to simply leave things up to chance all throughout the times. Covering or shooting weddings is a really huge deal and it is something that you simply cannot go ahead and take for granted at the end of the day. You need to make sure that this is something that you take care of well enough or you might come across some serious issues further down the road. Just because something happened to your equipment, it does not mean that you can just stop and drop the shooting of the wedding altogether. The show must go on and you need to have all of the right tools for it in order for you to successfully go through it. A second camera can turn out to be really great for that at the end of the day.

Reach out to photographer friends

If you have a budget issue and you don’t think that you can afford another camera in the meantime, this does not mean that you have to abandon any hopes or dreams of making deals with potential clients as a wedding photographer. Sometimes, you just need to be resourceful for it so that you will still be able to more or less cater to them without shelling out too much money in the process. Try to see if you can reach out to any of your wedding photographer friends. This is where the value of networking kicks in. There will always be someone out there with a spare camera that they can lend out to you whenever you have a wedding to shoot as a wedding photographer. It is all a matter of finding that person and of checking if they would be willing enough to lend it out to you at the end of the day. Try to give out favors to the rest of your  wedding photographer friends and try to help them out in any way that you can when you have the means to do it because they will most likely do the same and help you out whenever you have a need that they can do something about as well.

Lease equipment

If push comes to shove and you cannot find anyone to lend out a camera that you can use as a spare, try to see if you can Google any local businesses that will allow you to lease your equipment for a reasonable fee. There are a lot of places out there that rent out cameras as well as other professional photography equipment. This can come in handy whenever you have a need for a spare camera or anything else related to your job as a  wedding photographer. Although you will have to pay for it, it will not cost as much as buying a new camera.