SEO for photographersIn today’s digital world where a website is as important as a printed portfolio, the importance of SEO for photographers has risen significantly. This element could make a photography website rank nicely on search engines, which is great as better ranks mean better traffic and, eventually, better income. That’s why it is important for photographers to start learning about this particular element.

There are tons of websites that enable you to create your own, like Wix, Squarespace, and Photoshelter. The latter focuses on photography websites, so it’s your best choice although the other ones are not bad at all. Either website builder that you pick, you sure have to learn more about SEO to optimize the performance of your website.

Importance of regularly updated blog

Regularly upadated blog is a best way for you to reach out your prospective clients through search engine. It’s well known that search engines rate websites that update their contents regularly much better than those that don’t. That being said, writing blog posts on regular basis will increase the possibility of your website getting more traffic as it would be rated highly by search engines.

You could start writing a blog post about a photoshoot you just did the previous day. Start with telling the background of the photoshoot, the experience, and the results of the photoshoot. You could include your best shots during that session into your post. Do this for every photoshoot session you’ve done to keep making your blog updated.

Another idea to updated your blog is to share your knowledge with the rest of the world. You may have tips on how to deal with demanding clients, or some tips on how to manage lighting for an outdoor photoshoot session. Any knowledge that you have is your asset that adds more values to your blog. It’s not impossible that your blog is not only read by your target market, but also by fellow professionals who look to learn a thing or two.

Other ways to induce SEO on your website

Aside from maintaining and regularly updating your website, there are other ways on how you could induce SEO for photographers rules perfectly to your photography website. The following are some of ways that you could do:

  1. Use a template – using a template is a great idea to ensure that you consistently display your posts on your website. A consistent style in presenting your best shots is the best way to highlight your own style of photography.
  2. Limit the number of displayed works – having too few shots displayed on your website is not a good sign, but displaying too many of them isn’t neither. You need to pick only your best shots in an adequate amount and start displaying them on every page of your website.
  3. Keep your website focused on your target market – this will help you while choosing which theme and color palette that you want your website is built in.

Maintaining and regularly updating a website requires adequate knowledge on SEO for photographers. If you’re unsure with what you’re doing, you could always visit PhotoProSEO for help.

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