wedding photography Hertfordshire As a wedding photography Hertfordshire, it is important to understand how to implement a few hacks that will help improve your photography. Photography is an art which requires loads of practice and the industry is becoming more and more tech-focused.

On a daily basis, new equipment is being developed to make photography easier allowing for the photographer to produce very cool pictures. As you know, most of this new equipment do not come at pocket-friendly prices. So what do you do when you need to tweak a shot and do not have all the equipment to bring your imagination to reality?

For me, I employ hacks so I can achieve more. I always say that less is more in photography. In this article, I will be telling you about a few hacks you can employ as a wedding photography Hertfordshire to improve your work.


We all have mobile phones but we limit them to just make calls, social media, or taking shots. Did you know that if you hold the screen of your phone against the camera lens at an angle you would flip the image you are shooting? It is called a mirror effect and you find it mostly on software like Photoshop. You can recreate this effect in real time simply by setting your phone at any angle of your choice against the camera lens.

Thinking like an editor

This hack is more of an intellectual than a physical process. It works more with your imaginative reasoning. As a photographer, you wouldn’t always be in the coolest spots or have the best views but with your imagination, you can come up with very beautiful results. This is how it works, every time you feel inspired, take a look at your surroundings. Drink in all of the details and with your imagination create the most amazing picture in your mind. If you have this done, translate your imagination to your physical environment and watch how magical your picture will turn out.

Non-model hack

It is impossible to have your models around you a hundred percent of the time. Sometimes you get inspired in the middle of the night or at a location where it is just you and your camera, no models. How then do you pull off an amazing picture? Well, you have hands, don’t you? It just requires you making use of your hands, one to hold the camera, and the other to hold or throw an object or just reach out. For best results, it is best to lower the aperture. You could also set up a tripod and take pictures of yourself as the model using self-timer.

Direct light hack

This can be substituted for your flashlight in certain cases. You can cast direct light to a texture or allowing it to bounce off some surfaces. It is actually really cool because you can always produce something new and amazing.

Holding an object close to your lens

This actually takes photos to the next level, it is so amazing and very simple as well. It requires you holding an object close to your lens at an angle while shooting. You could use anything including a leaf and it works best with a low aperture. With this, you can create a super magical vibe.

These are a few hacks that I have tried out to improve my photography. You can try any of these options for wedding photography Hertfordshire or visit Rafe Abrook Photography and drop your experiences in the comment section.

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