newborn photographerHaving the right equipment would be essential for a newborn photographer. Taking photos of newborn babies indeed is a bit tricky, if not hard. You don’t only need to pay attention to the style of photography you would use, but also to put the baby into the right position before you take your shots. This is to ensure that the baby’s safety is taking care of througout the photoshoot session.

After putting the baby in positions that you want, it is important that you have a well-prepared functional photography equipment at your disposal. This enables you to make sure that you are all ready for the session. You don’t want to disappoint your clients only because you forget to bring the right lenses for the photoshoot, do you?

But what equipment does a newborn photographer need to have and maintain actually? Well, the answer to this quesion could be various as each photographer may have his own style of photography. However, there are a number of common equipment that every newborn photographer needs to have. Those are as follow:

  1. Camera body

Of course every newborn photographer is going to need this equipment to even start his own career as a professional. There are a huge amount of camera body choices that a photographer could pick from, from mirrorless to DSLR and advanced compact. You should pick one that represents your photography style the most.

If you’re looking to get serious with your photography career, you should pick a DSLR camera for its features and photoshoot quality. However, it comes with a quite heavy body, thus if you’re looking for something lighter then a mirrorless camera is the right choice for you.

One thing to focus on when purchasing a new camera would be its sensor, as it determines the quality of the shots that the camera makes. The wider this area is, then it is more likely that it will result higher quality of shots, and vice versa.

  1. Lenses

Camera body is the physical body of a camera, while lenses are its soul. This part of the camera determines many things; from the sharpness level of the shots to the blurry effects on the background and total areas that the shot is aimed to cover.

There are a number of choices when it comes to the types of lenses, including 18-55mm lens, f/1.8 prime lens, and zoom lens. Each type of lense is separated by its focal length, in which each type comes with different level of sharpness and coverage.

  1. Memory card

This is no less important than the previous two camera parts. Memory card ensures that every shot that you take could be properly stored in your camera to be reviewed later. This small part allows you to take multiple shots within a photoshoot session as it stores everything. You could pick up how many megabytes that you want your memory card to have.

Those three are the most essential equipment that every newborn photographer needs to prepare before attending a photoshoot session. You could always come to visit Kingshill Studios for more information on this matter.

baby photosThe days of babyhood are fleeting and ephemeral. To preserve what is transient, baby photos can be of great help. They can be wonderful mementoes of a short but significant period of time.

There is a lot of involved in photographing babies. The photographer can exert a great deal of creativity in this setting. Here are some of the must take baby photos that you can aim for in your photography session:

  • Family shot

A baby’s arrival has a huge impact on any family, and there is a lot merit in capturing these early moment of undivided affection between and infant and the rest of the family. Pose the baby in utterly adorable photos with siblings, incredibly emotional ones with the mother, fun ones with the father. There is a lot the photographer can do here in terms of depicting love and fun at once and separately. Props can be introduced into the mix but the sweetness of the captured moments will always transcend. Make sure to keep the lens trained on the family in the moments in between as well. You never know when you might capture an image for the ages.

  • The hand hold

Particularly impactful when the father’s arms can hold the entirety of the baby, the intimate close-up shot of the baby held in the safety of an adult’s hands is always a winner. You can keep it monochromatic or colourful, but make sure to get in close with the zoom and capture the beauty and the emotion of the moment. The contrast of the fragility of the baby with the strength in an adult’s hands is unmissable, and will make the album stand out in terms of skill and craft. Don’t forget about this shot when the time comes for baby photos.

  • Nursery time

This one will be outside the frame of the studio, but it will be worth the extra travel time. The nursery is a baby’s first living space, and the parents will have agonised over every single detail of it. Here you can capture the mother and the baby in their element, where it seems like nothing else matters. It’s a shot that is separated from time and space, something that has occurred many times before and will occur many times after.

  • Redefine angles

Disturbing the baby with constant repositioning is not advisable, so the best thing to do is to move. Find different angles that aren’t the same ones you have thousands of shots of, and explore. Move around the baby and zoom in, zoom out, capture the details. Seek the shots that stand out and that denote the budding personality of the infant. Make use of the surroundings to add layers of composition to the photo and experiment with creativity. Capture the eyes, the expressions, the hands, the feet. Move past the boundaries of the genre and make it unique.

Babies make for very tiny photography subjects. There are many ways to create an album full of baby photos. To see what you might get in yours, visit