newborn baby photography

Nervous? Well, having a life forming in the very womb of yours is surely an amazing experience. You and husband are going to become parents in a few months and it’s time to start preparing to welcome the little guy into the house!

Don’t forget to begin the documentary of the little one! This moment will last so short that the few pictures you have are the only ones left. It’s important that you begin your search for your newborn baby photography professional and understands the types of newborn photography you can book.

Lifestyle newborn photography is typically done at home. Photographer will visit your house a few days to a week after your delivery, assuming you are allowed to be discharged. A few things to note.

Allow your photographer heads-ups about the house. Each home is different, so you may want to give your photographer a little tour of your house or send a few pictures of it. Your photographer will then may want to discuss things which can help smoothen the process of the photography. Remember that you will have to rest as much as possible, so do everything you can to prepare for that day.

Clean up. There’s no need to clean up every all the rooms down to every corner. But it’s wise to clean the rooms that might be used for the photography session, such as the master bedroom, nursery room, and the living room.

Ask for help. During the first days, you will feel tired and easily exhausted. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, let it be your husband, a friend or your parents, to prepare the house. Your photographer will tell you that there’s no need to clean up much, but, well, it’s going to be an important photography session. A little bit of clean up and arranging will worth it.


With the formal method, the newborn photography will be done in the studio. Anewborn baby photography professional like will prepare all the props and settings, so all you need to do is to come.

Baby will be positioned and moved around, so it’s preferable if you can feed it before coming to the studio. Sleepy and cozy baby is the best condition to get adorable pictures.

Feeding. Since you’ve agreed on a schedule, it’ll be better if you can force yourself to fees your baby before the photography session. Some mothers are adamant about it, but for the best quality of the pictures, this is important.

Bring your other family members. The pictures will become more memorable when family members are included, especially parents. Pets are also welcomed!

Bring baby needs. Make sure to bring extra baby clothes and diapers. The session will last for at least 2 hours. You want to be sure that your baby can continue sleeping and go home comfortably.


This one happens when you want the pictures to be taken immediately after birth or when the baby is in the NICU. It’s not impossible to have newborn pictures taken at this state. You simply have to ask the hospital for the permission to have pictures taken in the NICU by a professional newborn baby photography professional.

No need to dress up. Just be the mother you already are. The pictures will come out nice, no doubt about that.

Bring family members. Like others, don’t forget to include dad and siblings into the picture!

portrait photographyWhat can one do to shoot portraits in different light, ways and becoming more creative in that aspect? It’s true that it seems fewer people are interested in portrait photography. It’s also a fact that camera isn’t something that is hard to come by nowadays.

That is why it’s becoming important to be really creative and have a strong style as a photographer. As opposed to simply taking pictures, try these ways that will help expand your idea and creativity.

Shooting from a different angle

Different angle creates different viewpoint on the same subject. There’s really no limit to the different angle you can use. Sometimes, we think that we’ve used all the different angles that we could think of. But, we’ve probably forgotten that it’s us that have limited ourselves, not the angle.

For example, we can try shooting from the back of the client. For all we know, the portrait isn’t just about capturing the front side of the person. The side face of the person is also worthy of capturing. It still counts as that person, no matter where or how you look at him.

A different angle can also be achieved from a high place. This is something that some photographers tend to skip.

Focusing on small things

What are the small things that exist around the client? Is it the old wall that seemed vintage? Or maybe it’s the old staircase that has been built for over 100 years now? Let the camera take the picture from these seemingly insignificant details and focus on the subject.

Portrait photography by is one of the best. He tries to play with as many things around the client to create a totally different scene from others. Of course, each person has their own personality. However, it’s also important that the photographer can reflect in his way of capturing the scenes.

Use lighting to create a different view

Make big use of light. Whether it’s the outdoor light or artificial light, they can be altered to capture a really different look of your model. One thing you should get used to using is a reflector. There are a lot of reflectors and the effect depends on the color and depth of color of the reflector. The right one will perfectly reflect golden light on your model.

Other reflectors will do well in countering shadows that tend to form when it’s too bright. It will also create a nice outline of your model when most of the arms are visible. What’s great about reflectors is that you don’t have to buy them. You can craft your own reflector with the right materials at the width of your liking.

Prime and zoom lens

Both have their own use. Prime captures an even clearer and crisp picture but will not be as flexible as zoom lenses. However, in portrait photography, sthe prime will prove to be very useful if you already know what you want to shoot. It’s a must-have for a portrait photographer.

On the other hand, zoom is good when you’re about to get into an impromptu mode to shoot the pictures. Portrait photography doesn’t have to be planned all over.